About us – Why do we do it?

In our work and research (Anija – philosophical, Natalia – anthropological) we analyse and transform patterns of culture. The question: “How to co-create a peaceful world?” has guided us for many years. A world in which people are part of nature, which embraces feeling and thinking, in which closeness and freedom coexist. In our search for such a world we found – through dreams, visions but also scientific research – the path of the Goddess.

For us, work and discoveries of Marija Gimbutas are an invaluable source of inspiration. That is why, to celebrate her hundredth birth anniversary, we want to offer a series of open lectures, to invite to a meeting – conference; finally, to publish a book.

We do this pro bono, because we want to honour Marija Gimbutas, her life, work and discoveries, her inspiring courage, impressive vision, intellect and heart.

 Snake Goddess and Bird Goddess


Discoveries of Marija Gimbutas have provided enormous support and constant inspiration in my own spiritual search on the path of the Goddess. They also brought a surprisingly precise confirmation of many revelations which unveiled my affinity to Bird Goddess. The-One-Who-Connects-The-Worlds: life with death and earth with sky. It is my deep conviction that what we need the most right now, is to replace the pattern of division – among people but also people from the earth and the cycle of life – with the pattern of unity. Which is the root of thinking, feeling and acting on the basis of cooperation – peaceful relations in all aspects of our lives.



Of the many discoveries of Marija Gimbutas, the most inspiring for me is Snake Goddess and her depictions in sculptures. She is the one who transcends the duality of body and soul. She frequently sits in a meditative pose, or she dances. She presents fascinating patterns of relationship with the body and its wisdom, different from the patriarchal ones. Marija Gimbutas’s discoveries support my deep conviction that we can become co-creators of the world and culture we live in, that we can, on an individual and collective level, create a more sustainable, peaceful, cooperation-oriented world. It is my dream to publish Marija Gimbutas’s book The Living Goddess in Polish.


Anija Miłuńska

Anija Miłuńska


a philosopher by education, who for many years practiced zen buddhism and other forms of meditation, explored indigenous spiritual traditions and finally discovered roots of European spirituality in the culture of Old Europe. She brings to the world a contemporary version of the myth of Goddess and celebrating life as a cycle: life-death-regeneration. She created an original method of deep transformation through work with folk tales and myths, energies of the elements, totems and the healing energy of the circle. Since 1998 she has been leading circles, workshops, ceremonies and initiations for women and girls, and since 2009 – also for men. She teaches connecting with the energy and rhythm of the earth through dance and meditation. She loves trees, flowers and all plant beings. In the garden which she created they teach her the art of embracing life (in its entirety).

Natalia Miłuńska

Natalia Miłuńska


I am an anthropologist of culture, innovator and educator. For 20 years I have been studying cultural patterns shaping our experience of the body, femininity, cycle, sexuality and menstruation. I have developed my own method of /I work with women using my own method, transforming painful experiences into sources of power. I give lectures, workshops, and training.

I created the School of Dreams. For many years I led dream circles following the method of Connie Kaplan, and now I invite dreamers to my own, holistic vision of dream and dreaming, and their relation to waking reality. I have heard and worked with over 1500 dreams, I have led over 120 dream circles. I teach how to understand and realize dreams and how to lead a dream circle.