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What will you learn during the lecture?

What was matriarchy and has it ever existed? What was the paradigm on which peaceful civilization was built?  Where was the first writing created? What were the characteristics of Goddess religion and why was it the foundation of harmonious coexistence of people and nature? Why, from the Paleolithic times up to Bronze Age Goddess was depicted mainly in three aspects: Mother Goddess, Bird and Snake Goddess?

During the lecture Anija Miłuńska will present the discoveries of Marija Gimbutas as well as the vision of Old Europe. They are an inspiration and huge support for us, contemporary people living in uncertain times, in the shadow of the climate crisis. Anija treats Marija Gimbutas as our European elder, who left us an incredibly important message concerning our oldest spiritual and cultural roots. Deep and at the same time understandable for modern people, which means scientific. It is incredibly rare to receive such a message at a time when we need it most. We invite you to unpack this present, left for us by our elder for her hundredth birthday, together!

100th anniversary of Marija Gimbutas’s birthday – Agenda

In spring we meet online every full moon, at a series of open lectures and meditations/ceremonies.

We begin on the April full moon, Beltane celebration of love, 26 April at 19:00, with an open lecture by Anija Miłuńska: We return home. Discoveries of Marija Gimbutas as inspiration for the future.

17-19 September – meeting – conference, during which we want to honour Marija with a birthday concert, there will be lectures and a panel discussion, and we will finish with a Double Spiral ceremony for peace.

We also plan to publish a book, publish Marija’s lecture in Polish, prepare Polish subtitles to Marija’s films, edit the entry in Polish Wikipedia;

Do you want to honour Marija Gimbutas and her discoveries? Join us!

We invite you to cooperation!

Would you like to translate the movie? Or maybe become a volunteer at the conference? Do you also want to write about Marija in the press or you don’t know what, but you feel that it is important and you want to get involved? Write to us. We do all the work in this project on a pro bono basis and we will need our hands to work a lot. Write to us.